Coffee shop Sweets & Cheers in Zottegem

The Sweets & Cheers coffee bar with exhibition space in Zottegem opted for a warm accent wall at the back, covered with a gold-colored mosaic. Although mosaic stones with real gold leaf are oneof the possibilities, they are almost unaffordable for larger surfaces.

Impex offers a – literally and figuratively – beautiful alternative that looks like real yellow gold. The Aquacolor range includes a glass mosaic to which a gold-colored metal foil is attached at the back. The combination of that foil with the glass stone creates a nice depth. You can also see the ribbed structure at the back that almost exactly approximates the appearance of real gold.

Gold and glitter

To grout the wall, the installer used grout with glitter in it. This further enhances the effect of the golden mosaics.
A classic beige tile from Casa Tiles was placed on the floor. A modest addition to this warm interior dominated by black and white and gold tones.

  • Thickness 4 mm
  • Piece 15x15mm
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