Escutcheon of the city of Nisko in Poland

The escutcheon of Nisko and its sister cities adorn the town hall of the Polish city of Nisko. The architect ordered these, elaborated in mosaics, from Impex.

There are five granite blocks in front of the town hall. A recess was provided in those blocks in which the mosaic stones had to be glued. The blocks were made with rounded corners, so the mosaic had to follow those curves as well.

Detailed drawing

The escutcheon often contain fine details: think of the nails of a dragon, the building blocks of a castle, a facial expression … The Aquacolor glass mosaics were cut one by one by hand to make those detailed drawings.

The cut mosaic stones were placed on a large sheet during production. That sheet was delivered to the customer as a whole and could thus easily be glued and joined into the granite block.

Desert in a fountain

On the same site is also a fountain, which was lined with Aquacolor mosaic stones. At the bottom of the fountain, sand-colored tiles symbolize the desert on the left and right.

The blue stones in the middle symbolize the water. Both the blue and the sand-colored mosaics are interspersed with golden mosaic tiles. These mosaics are covered with gold leaf on the back.

  • Nisko escutcheon: 130 x 140 cm
  • Escutcheon of the sister cities: 100 x 90 cm
  • Diameter of the fountain: 5 meters
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