Province house of Antwerp covered with Deco Luce

The fact that Impex can realize the wildest plans of an architect, is beautifully illustrated in Antwerp. Architect Xaveer De Geyter drew the Antwerp Provincial House as a striking sculpture. Due to the twisted shape of the building, it does not cast any shadow on the surrounding area.

De Geyter had a very specific wish for the facade cladding: he wanted snow white mosaics which would cleverly reflect the light, in the shape of a 2 euro coin.

Handmade pieces of mosaic

Impex offered exactly what the architect was looking for with the Deco Luce mosaics. The mosaics which have been used are handmade. The round pieces consist of transparent glass with a white coating.

This white coating provides the snow white effect, while the glass reflects the surroundings. Depending on the time of day and the weather conditions, the Province house of Antwerp looks different every time: from pearl white to fire red at sunset.

The architect provided the building with triangular windows. Therefore Impex let place the mosaic pieces diagonally on the net, to avoid any cutting of pieces on the construction site. Customization down to the millimeter.

  • mosaic
  • 683 windows
  • arround 22.000 m2 of floor space
  • 9.784.800 glass mosaics
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