Renovation Cloître Rouge in Brussels

An Axa office building in Brussels was thoroughly renovated. The entire facade of the building was removed and replaced by new exterior walls. Special: the outer walls were completely manufactured elsewhere and then placed ready-to-use against the building with the help of a crane.

The wall structure consists of different profiles, in which the windows, blinds, insulation and other components have all been pre-integrated. Architect Sabine Leribaux wanted to have those panels covered with sand-colored crystal mosaic.

Three challenging requests

The project presented several challenges, to which Impex provided an impressive answer with mosaic stones from Aquacolor.
First, the architect wanted mosaic stones that would reflect the green environment of the building.

Her second request was to supply mosaic stones with structure so that daylight would be reflected playfully. A condition for this: the mosaics had to be easily washable by the window cleaners who would regularly clean the entire building.

Impex met all these requirements with a smooth crystal mosaic, which received an uneven texture on the back. Result: the smooth glass on the front reflects the green environment and is extremely easy to maintain, the textured back plays with the sunlight.

Finally, the mosaic stones had to cover the full width of the profiles designed by the architect. For this, Impex adapted the joints between the mosaic stones, so that the stones did not have to be cut.

  • Thickness 6 mm
  • 1 161 864 pieces
  • 48x48mm
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