Province house of Antwerp covered with Deco Luce

The fact that Impex can realize the wildest plans of an architect, is beautifully illustrated in Antwerp. Architect Xaveer De Geyter drew the Antwerp Provincial House as a striking sculpture.

Bar-restaurant Sorenga Sjomat in Oslo

As a finishing touch for the fresh industrial interior of this Norwegian restaurant are the tables were covered with white pennyround mosaics.

Hotel Stayen in Sint-Truiden

Football fans will not miss it: mosaic stones in the colors of the Sint-Truiden football team were placed in all bathrooms.

Escutcheon of the city of Nisko in Poland

The escutcheon of Nisko and its sister cities adorn the town hall of the Polish city of Nisko. The architect ordered these, elaborated in mosaics, from Impex.

Van Dender Chocolatier in Schaerbeek

For the new "chocolate factory", the chocolatier wanted his logo and the text "Van Dender - from bean to chocolate" elaborated in golden mosaic stones.

Hotel Opéra Richepanse in Paris

The designer turned to Impex for the finishing of the bathrooms: all bathrooms had to be covered with golden mosaics.

Wellness center in the UK

The pearlescent nuances reflect the daylight and draw in the rich nature. The beneficence of the beautiful surroundings is presented to you on a tray.

Renovation Cloître Rouge in Brussels

The project presented several challenges, to which Impex provided an impressive answer with mosaic stones from Aquacolor.

Concert hall in Stavanger

Impex supplied tailor-made crystal mosaics for both the men's and the women's toilets, with which all the walls were covered.

Coffee shop Sweets & Cheers in Zottegem

The Sweets & Cheers coffee bar with exhibition space in Zottegem opted for a warm accent wall at the back, covered with a gold-colored mosaic.

Pulpit in the Saint-Chrysolekerk in Comines

The client provided a detailed, pixelated drawing that the Impex design team accurately translated into mosaic. By numbering each sheet, the puzzle could be made on the spot.

Nordhavn metro station in Copenhagen

At the request of the customer, Impex placed matt and glossy white mosaic stones mixed on the nets. That special mix gives more depth to the whole.
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